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Every day, more than 150 thousand people die in the world for the most diverse reasons, such as: plane, car, motorcycle or train accidents; run over; murder; terminal illnesses; heart attack; stroke; drowning; shark attacks; and, even scared!

Also, every day, thousands of people miss the opportunity to ask for forgiveness, apologize or just say "I love you" for the last time. Millions of people mourn the death of relatives, friends and acquaintances from whom they have not had the opportunity to say a simple goodbye.

Have you ever thought the one day your time will come and you do not know when it will be?

Have you ever thought that on this day your absence will make many people sad?

We are giving a chance to change this void sensation.

Meet "Just in Case" and find out how you can leave a message of love, comfort and guidance for the loved ones.

How and when to use Just in Case:

- Unfortunately, misfortunes can happen. Imagine that you will take a trip, no matter if it will be by car, train, bus or plane, you can leave a pre-scheduled message to be sent, for example, about a week after the scheduled date of your return. Three days before the scheduled date, we will begin to warn you that a message is scheduled to be sent. If everything is fine with you, just cancel the sending, otherwise (we hope this does not happen) the recipients will receive the message of comfort, love, guidance or any other type of message you want to send.

- Another possible scenario is in the case of terminal illnesses. Schedule messages for months or years ahead. If everything is fine with you when the time comes to send messages, just cancel them, otherwise ... well, you already know.

- Finally, let's think about what may be the most common scenario, any day. How many people leave home to work and just don't have the opportunity to return? Think about it and be prudent, leave messages scheduled for the future, maybe three or six months ahead and ensure that your family and friends will receive comforting messages after you leave this world.

Go to the Play Store, download our app and find out how you can make your pass away moment less sad for those who will stay.

Soon also available on the App Store!

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